Zwei Brewing is a German-style brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado that enjoys handcrafting classic German beer styles and unique small batch creations.

Find out more about Zwei Brewing by watching the YouTube video below from "Wanted Adventure"!

Our Mission

To have some serious fun making our art!

The Serious (Flagships)
The Fun (our Brew Lab)

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” ~Pablo Picasso~

Our Inspiration

The inspiration (to again quote Picasso, “good artists borrow, great artist steal”) of our concept came while traveling through the Czech Republic and Southern Germany a couple years ago. We visited many great breweries large and small.
One thing that fascinated us was, several of the smaller breweries and particularly the home brewers in the Czech Republic were not only brewing the traditional beer(s) of the region but that they were also intrigued by and foraying to American and British styles as well.
This concept was portrayed in full glory at the not so little Brauerei Schӧnram, where not only did I experience regional styles, but also got to try some of Mr. Toft’s forays into American styles. We would like to model ourselves in this fashion by producing traditional German styles and flying sorties into American and Belgian styles.

Our Notion

Continual production of our favorite German styles (Pils, Helle, Dunkel & Weiβ), utilizing them as our flagships brands. From the brew lab; we will always have several versions of IPA on tap along with other American wonders. We will also pay homage to the Belgian styles, as well as working on some fusion of all of the above.

Our Passion

To consistently make great beer and to continue to learn how to make our beer better. In our journey’s both literal and metaphorical, we’ve found that on the world stage there are a handful of styles that have great drinkability and are draped in great culture and are uniquely flavorful. We are truly challenged by and enjoy making beers of this ilk.